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Catamera is a platform that enable banks to innovate, evolve and deliver great digital experiences

Captive to own systems and platforms ?

When it comes to delivering great digital experience, most banks are captive to their current technology systems and platforms, which prevent them from moving quick enough in response to today's ever-changing customer needs.

With rapidly evolving customer behavior, market needs, banks need flexibility, along with cost effective ways to keep pace with the changes. Catamera enable banks to innovate, evolve great digital experiences in a cost effective way.



Catamera's dynamic environment allow banks to continuosly adopt the latest technology and design trends that are driving consumer experiences


The Catamera' progressive web components consume standard APIs from bank's existing backend systems, making it flexible and easy to adopt


With Catamera, bank's can leverage their existing backend systems (through APIs), rapidly build and launch new experiences in a cost effective way


A library of innovative web components

latest banking innovations in one single library

The Catamera’s library of web components provide a constant stream of the latest innovations in the form of integration-ready, plug and play apps. Catamera library is a great resource for banks to accelerate their innovation efforts, saving cost and time to go-to-market.


Configure every service for business, compliance adherence

easily configurable interactive web components 

Banks can customize every web components to meet specific business, regulatory and compliance requirements


Easily design an experience that excites

drag and drop widgets on a homepage builder

Design the perfect homepage by using a simple drag and drop mechanism to populate the homepage grid with already selected web components. These components seamlessly come together to provide a delightful banking homepage


The perfect experience across channels

a responsive ui layer across multiple devices 

Business users can assemble the website, re-arrange layouts, apply various themes, preview on multiple devices and publish to a number of integration ready formats


Easy to integrate with backend systems

integration ready with rest api's 

Catamera produces a downloadable integration ready package which includes a responsive front end UI code with hooks to REST API's for integration with your backend systems

Catamera launch at Finovate Fall 2016

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